Having grown up in the home country of Currywurst, we decided to share this German cultural treasure with our friends and all the people in LA and NYC who are as curious as we are to discover foreign trends and tastes.

Created 60 years ago, Currywurst has become the number one street food in Germany. If you ever have the chance to visit Berlin by night, you will feel the magical spirit of those vibrant Currywurst stands on the corner which have become a neighborhood meeting point.

We do Currywurst the authentic way you get it served in Berlin’s urban sidewalks. Our recipe is steeped in German tradition. Our menu is kept minimalistic and you will discover an unlimited variety of combinations by experiencing different sausages, heat levels, and flavors.

We set great value on the quality of our food and therefore serve only all-natural meat, one hundred percent organic sauce, and fries handcut from organic potatoes. Our cult product is served along with fresh and crispy German farmer’s bread.

Berlin Currywurst is run by family and friends, all having one thing in common: Our hearts beat for Currywurst and we are proud to serve it at the first Currywurst snack bar in LA in the pulsing center of Silver Lake at Sunset Junction but also in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles in the Grand Central Market and now in the Chelsea Market in New York City.

Come by and experience a piece of Berlin and ask yourself: ‘Bin ich ein Berliner?’